Varzaneh is in Isfahan province and was the last town that was established along Zayandehrud River. The archeological excavations under sand dunes support the fact that that history of civilization backs to 5000 years ago.

Our guest house, Yasna Varzaneh Traditional Guest House in Varzaneh is a historic house from Pahlavi Era. The 7 rooms of guest house include a dormitory section, and private rooms, in addition to a hangout area and a common kitchen. The owner is fluent in English, and Persian, also speaks some French, Arabic and Italian. Foods offered are unexceptionally homemade, cooked by family of owner. Being close to sand dunes, salt lake, and many other natural and cultural attractions, make the guest house a good place to stay for people interested in desert villages. From roof, you have the view of sand dunes from south-east, and from north-west, you have the view of Jame-mosque of Varzaneh.